DTS Welcomes Professor Alejandra González Jiménez

The Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies would like to welcome our new faculty member, Professor Alejandra González Jiménez!

Professor González Jiménez’s research is centered around the domains of labour, capitalism, and free trade. Currently, she is engrossed in two ongoing projects. The first project revolves around a book manuscript exploring the intricate and precarious amalgamation of cultural practices and processes within Mexico’s production in the post-NAFTA era. This comprehensive examination encompasses diverse facets such as conflicting notions of value, ideas pertaining productivity and labour, power dynamics and the subjectivities that emerge from car production. Additionally, the book delves into the political economy structuring global car production. Her second project delves into the complex social relations among workforces situated in uneven labour regimes. This project aims to elucidate the intricate interplay between kinship ties, romantic relationships, friendships, and relations of solidarity which coexist alongside conflicting and exploitative relationships. By investigating this these multifaceted connections, the project endeavors to understand how these relationships intersect to either perpetuate or disrupt tiered labour systems. 

Please join us in warmly welcoming Professor Alejandra González Jiménez!