Consulting the Undergraduate Coordinator

If you would like assistance with program requirement concerns, please email the undergraduate coordinator at: cdts.undergraduate@utoronto.ca

If you are writing regarding curriculum or graduation issues, please read the following before you make an appointment to meet with the undergraduate coordinator:

  1. If you are seeking approval for a course substitution please email a copy of the syllabus (with readings) to cdts.undergraduate@utoronto.ca.  Include the phrase course substitution approval request in the subject heading of your email.

  2. If you are seeking confirmation that you have met program requirements, please consult the calendar for the year in which you entered the program.  You can compare your transcript with the DTS requirements listed for that year and for subsequent years.  You are not responsible for meeting requirements added after the year in which you entered the program. If you still have concerns after evaluating your own transcript, please email the undergraduate coordinator explicitly describing your concern.  Consult the calendar and, in your email, list the courses you have taken under the headings “Group A” and “Group B”. View calendars from previous years.

  3. Satisfying the regional requirement means that you have taken a minimum of two courses dealing with distinct parts of the world: e.g. HIS294Y1 Caribbean History and Culture and HIS386H1 Muslims in India and Pakistan. If you are unsure whether the courses you have taken satisfy the requirement, email the course codes and titles of two of the courses to the undergraduate coordinator.

  4. If you are unable to register in a course from Group A or Group B of the curriculum, please contact the home department or course instructor for permission to register in the course.  We cannot help you with admission to a course unless it has a DTS course code.

  5. Students from UTM and UTSC may have difficulty enrolling in DTS400 level courses until after Aug. 8.  Do not worry. Course instructors will allow you into the course. We are working on a way to improve online enrolment. The problem is a function of different protocols on the different campuses. If you wish to enroll in any DTS 400 level course email to cdts@utoronto.ca on or after August 8 specifying your name, student number, course title, and whether you need the course to graduate that year.